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See Judy Grahn read her beautiful (and visually breathtaking!) poem “Bowls”, and meet other wonderful poets in Poetry Witch Community’s “An Exaltation of Goddesses”  HERE.
Grahn starts speaking at nine minutes in.

Creations: Art

Crafted by Wren of Wren’s Runes… you can see her snakes and other magickal creations and creatures at:

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Creations: Writings

From poet and cultural theorist Dr. Judy Grahn:

Eruptions of Inanna: Justice, Gender, and Erotic Power by Judy Grahn BOOK REVIEW by Carolyn Lee Boyd

Touching Creatures, Touching Spirit: Living in a Sentient World

Descent to the Roses of a Family: A Poet’s Journey into Anti-Racism and Personal Social Healing


Wrens Runes - Bats image

With gratitude to Leiah Bowden for her beautiful poetry and imagery in this piece, “The Gift of the Drum” — and for including my drum:

Revisioning the Erotic

A look at how contemporary thinkers are redefining the religious notion of ‘sin’, and at the attitudes and behaviors considered erotic from a woman’s point of view – an excerpt from Lilith’s Fire: Reclaiming Our Sacred Lifeforce by this site’s creator.

Liturgy for Lilith

A fresh example of the ways we can re-vision icons and mythical-religious symbols from mythologist, writer and sex activist Cosi Fabian (1991).

Lost Book of Lilith

A fanciful midrash by biblical scholar Rachel Havrelock (1998).

Important Releases!

From Judy Grahn

For more information visit:

Touching Creatures, Touching Spirit by Judy Grahn

Descent to the Roses by Judy Grahn

First Release from Commonality Press: Descent to the Roses of a Family: A Poet’s Journey into Anti-Racism and Personal Social Healing

Flowers of Torah: Prayers of a Priestess by D’vorah K’lilah (Volumes 1 & 2 available from the author)

Groundbreaking, earth-loving, woman-honoring, historically-inclusive Jewish siddur for personal prayer practice and home use. This book of prayers for the Queen of Heaven composed by a Kohenet, a Jewish Priestess, is based on millennia of Ancient Near East cultural wisdom.
Author email:

Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion, 700-1100 by Max Dashu

Swa wiccan taeca∂ ::: “as the witches teach.”

So, explained an Old English translator, witches counseled the people to “bring their offerings to earth-fast stone, and also to trees and to wellsprings—as the witches teach.”

These women were carrying out ceremonies of reverence for Nature—something very different than what we have been taught about witches…

New from Veleda Press. Downloadable Contents, Preface, and chapter excerpts.


Works from The Girl God Press

…created by Trista Hendren and sustained by her, together with her amazing crew who produce many treasures for girls and women every year, including: 

My Name is Medusa by Glenys Livingstone Illustrated by Arna Baartz

A new children’s book , the story of the greatly misunderstood Goddess, including why she likes snakes.

‘My name is Medusa’ explores the “scary” dark side, the potency of nature and the importance of dreams.

Arna Baartz gorgeously illustrates this tale by Glenys Livingstone, teaching children (big and small) that our power often lies in what we have been taught to fear and revile.

Authors Site:
Amazon Link: