A fresh example of the ways we can re-vision icons and mythical-religious symbols, from mythologist, writer and sex activist Cosi Fabian (1991).

I am Lilith, Grandmother of Mary Magdalene.
I am Lilith, whose sexual fire was too hot for God.
I am Lilith, the First Woman, who chose the rage of exile over the cancer
Of servitude.
I am Lilith, Mother to the Mother-less.
I am Lilith, whose blood covers the moon.
I am Lilith, standing on owl’s claws at a woman’s crossroads.
I am Lilith, the Whore in the gateway of the Temple.
I am Lilith, whose serpentine tongue caused Eve to laugh, and pick the
I am Lilith, Revolving Sword of Flame – scorching hypocrisy from truth’s
white bones.
I am Lilith, free-moving in the Wilderness.
I am Lilith, spirit of night and air.
I am Lilith, in whose dark caves transgressors find sanctuary.
I am Salome.
I am Morgan le Faye.
I am the Queen of Shayba –
My hair is black, and I am ‘dark but comely’,
(Solomon sang my song!).
My hair is red and my skin, ivory.
I am Eve’s big sister.
I am Lilith, Mother to the motherless.
I am Lilith, whose sexual fire was too hot for God.
I am Lilith, living in the Shadow.
Waiting. For you.

I believe Fabian’s work, which ranges from poetry to playwriting, provides us with exciting new images of Lilith and of sacred sexuality. Fabian, who refers to her profession as that of sacred prostitute, gives us Lilith in a new, strongly feminist light. She portrays Lilith as bold, openly sexual, irreverent, enlightened, righteously rageful at times and unquestionably empowered.


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