From Talking to Goddess (2009)
©Carolyn Brandy

Highest praises

Highest praises to everything that covers our heads

Highest praises to the light that lives inside of you

Highest praises to the great spirit

The owner of the womb

The owner of the day

The owner of the night

The owner of breath

Highest praises to the dead

That sit at the foot of god

May they rest in peace

May they rest in peace

May they rest in peace

May they rest in peace


And to the oceans, the rivers, the gentle breeze,

The storming thunder, the earth, paths and crossroads

The herbs and medicines, snow-capped mountains

And to all the elements

We give them our respect, and our gratitude


To be amongst them

By whatever name they might be called, or worshiped

Our humility is our gift and our birthright

As it is for every human

Growing as a seed under light of sun and moon


And to our children we give our gratitude and our respect

For we are the ancestors of a coming age

A new age by whom we will be called

The ancient ones


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