The Lilith Institute


to the online home of  The Lilith Institute,
a center for learning which seeks to transmit many types of knowledge -- oral, written, iconographic, spiritual, emotional, and embodied. In schools or online, in private homes or community centers, we work to connect women with each other and to themselves.


Talking to Goddess

A collection of
blessings, prayers, invocations
and other writings
by 72 women in 25 spiritual traditions,
edited by D'vorah J. Grenn


Among the Institute's goals:

- continue planting seeds for spiritual change, social action and greater cross-cultural understanding;
- critically examine existing patterns of thought, behavior and language through new lenses, acting as a catalyst for personal and cultural transformation;
- facilitate an ongoing exchange of ideas across diverse spiritual traditions; and
- encourage women to recognize their potential to be change agents in their own communities and the world.

In Spring 1999, I founded Voice of the Spirit, a women's spirituality conceptual framework within which circles of women came together to examine and re-vision ancient sacred texts and contemporary issues, as we explored spiritual practices and practical solutions relevant to our daily lives. This work continues in a variety of settings.

Mojuba, respect and deep gratitude to Rita Kolb Grenn and all my ancestors for insisting that I keep following my intuition. Modupe/many thanks go to my spiritual teachers, especially Yeye Aworo Fajembola Fatunmise, Ohen Imene Nosokpikan and Iya Isefalona Oshogbo, who taught me to hear the ancestors--and to pay attention. Many thanks also to my elders and colleagues especially Milli Sabath, Kaye Schuman, Judy Grahn, Dianne Jenett, Kris Brandenburger, Cosi Fabian and Max Dashu; in numerous ways over the years they have encouraged and supported my visioning and manifestations. Thanks also to Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Rabbi Jill Hammer and Blu Greenberg for intellectual, spiritual and social activism, and their courage in thinking—and acting--ahead of their times.

Thanks to Judy Grahn for giving us a new origin story, and for her extraordinary vision and insight into human behavior. Judy, a renowned lesbian feminist activist, poet and author (The Common Woman poems; She Who; Another Mother Tongue; Blood, Bread and Roses) created The Institute of Metaformic Consciousness and is editor of Metaformia: A Journal of Menstruation and Culture (,)

Thanks to Dianne E. Jenett for her leadership, compassion, discernment and courage, and for co-founding, with Judy Grahn, Serpentina, Women-Centered Research for Everybody (, a container big enough to hold us all.

And thanks to Kris Brandenburger, educator par excellence and author, "THE REDDEST ROSE UNFOLDS: a girl's own fish stories" -- for her feminist consciousness, her restless intellect, patient encouragement and wisdom over the years.

I thank Yoruba chief, storyteller and author Iya Fajembola Fatunmise Luisah Teish ( and for providing women with tireless spiritual and political leadership over the past 40 years, and for generosity of heart and spirit.

Appreciation also goes to feminist peace activist and visionary Starhawk ( and for her pioneering work in reconfiguring our world.

All these women, and many other cutting-edge scholars, priestesses, spiritual leaders and role models from many fields, are part of an exciting, long-overdue paradigm shift, and have taught me how women can work collaboratively.


• classes and workshops on women's and human rights issues including violence against women; identifying and correcting power imbalances in personal and professional relationships
• creation of rites of passage and lifecycle rituals
• consultation on altar building and creating a spiritual practice
• drumming and meditation circles