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Virtual Apprenticeship in Hebrew Shamanism

2022-2023 God/dess Cycle

Entering the Body of the God/dess

Connect with the spiritual roots of the Ancient Hebrews; the foundation upon which Judaism, Christianity and Islam were built. While the ancient Hebrews birthed three major world religions, their earth-based, mystical roots have long been forgotten. This immersion is open to participants across all backgrounds, faiths and genders. If you feel called, you are invited to apply.

The focus of our upcoming God/dess Cycle is encountering and restoring the Body of the God/dess, defined as the Transcendent Divine with its feminine and masculine forms. We will journey into the nine “Goddess Sephirot” to better understand the aspects of divinity that reside within the body of the God/dess, which is the temple of your body. We will encounter and heal our divine selves through immersive mystical work, using the modalities of shamanic journeying and guided meditation. The Goddess Sefirot are the emanations of the three Mother Letters in our three wombs: Head, Heart and Belly.

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