Calendar of Events

Lilith Dialogues Speaker Series 2022

All events in this series start at 11am PST/2pm EST. The talks/presentations run 45 minutes to an hour; teachings will be followed by ample Q & A time!

FEBRUARY 27, 2022: Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser – “The Rise of the Golem/et” – Join Kohenet/Priestess Ketzirah, creator of Devotaj Sacred Arts, for a discussion about the mythology of the golem and Kohenet Ketzirah’s work with it as a 21st century tool for support, empowerment, and protection.

APRIL 24, 2022: Elka Eastly Vera, spiritual practitioner, will offer a look into how she interweaves elements of the natural world with useful practical and spiritual grounding tools.

MAY 1, 2022: Susan Rubin, playwright, storyteller and feminist activist Susan Rubin, talks about Lilith and her play Eve 2.0.

MAY 29, 2022: Marguerite Rigoglioso, “The Mystery Tradition of Immaculate Conception ~ Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births

AUGUST 2022: To be announced

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PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE MONTHLY TALKING TO GODDESS BLESSING / ORACULAR CIRCLE co-led by D’vorah and Anne Key of Goddess Ink. This is a free offering; to register/receive the Zoom link, please write to Anne Key is a priestess, writer, educator, burlesque dancer and co-founder of the independent press Goddess Ink.

December 5: 4pm Pacific time
January 9: 4pm Pacific time
February 13: 10am Pacific time  Guest co-priestess, to be announced
March 13: 10am Pacific time
April 10: 4pm Pacific time
May 8: 4pm Pacific time
June 12: 4pm Pacific time

Past Events


JANUARY 23, 2022:Dianne Jenett Ph.D.Mandisa Amber–These two powerhouse scholar-practitioners conducted a cross-cultural discussion of how we honor our ancestors, community ritual, Nature reverence, embodied practices and more!


DECEMBER 12, 2021: Janet Stickmon Janet is the Founder of CenterJoyPWR: Strategies for Healing Racial Battle Fatigue, a group coaching program designed for professionals of color who are experiencing racial battle fatigue and want to center joy in their lives.  CenterJoyPWR®  is made accessible to employee resource groups in businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions–as well as the communities of color they serve–in order to:  1) examine the emotional and physical impact of racial battle fatigue, 2) explore and practice strategies to help heal its effects, and 3) equip them with the tools to reconnect with joy in their personal and professional lives.

NOVEMBER 7, 2021: Judy Grahn, poet, cultural theorist and co-founder of the lesbian feminist movement talks about her new book Eruptions of Inanna: Justice, Gender and Erotic Power!

SEPTEMBER 26, 2021: What Would Lilith Do? Dr. D’vorah Grenn and Dr. Vivien Monroe discussed how this question can relate to a variety of circumstances, and looked at a few relevant excerpts from Glennon Doyle’s bestselling book, Untamed.

October 1, 2021: The Sacred Feminine in Judaism, a 4-part series with Ner Shalom – Ancient Roots Presentation by Kohenet D’vorah Grenn.

March 2021: Meeting Lilith, Starting a Dialogue with Ner Shalom in Cotati, CA.