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No matter where you are in your life journey, you will be welcome at The Lilith Institute. Find your people in our compassionate, inclusive women’s sacred community, where you can finally speak with your true voice, be heard and believed, and grow into your fullest self.

In our Speaker Series, you will learn about women’s contributions across time and so your own history–and what you are capable of–from a variety of teachers, spiritual leaders / activists, ritualists, authors and other creative artists.

As a member of The Lilith Institute we offer you a space in which you will learn ways/find tools to:

  • Stop apologizing for who you are or things that aren’t your fault
  • Block out the noise and listen to your intuition
  • Set your intentions freely without worry about everyone else’s response
  • Release the shame and guilt that never served you anyway
  • Freely express your desires without externally-imposed restraints
  • Quiet your Inner Critic
  • Celebrate your accomplishments – we want to hear them!

“I’m extremely grateful to have the company of like-minded women where whatever I feel, I can say, and know I’m not going to be judged…”
– Carolyn W., Lilith’s Fire Circle alumna

Lilith: The Original Female Rebel

Who exactly was Lilith – and why have most people never heard of her? 

According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was actually Adam’s first wife. She demanded her equality and refused to be subservient to her husband. In these stories, Lilith is demonized for wanting what men want – free choice, the ability to speak openly, sexual satisfaction, personal fulfillment. 

She flew out of the Garden of Eden in search of independence and because her “Paradise” had become an oppressive prison.  She later was replaced by Adam’s second wife, Eve, and the rest is history. Is it any surprise that the story of Lilith is conspicuously absent, or that we only read of her as a demon rather than as a strong, self-determined figure in the patriarchal tales and texts we were raised on?

We’ve been served allegories and archetypes of what a “good woman” does or doesn’t do. It was the always “bad woman” who was a firebrand, outspoken, disrupting the status quo, unapologetically pursuing her dreams and exploring her sensual desires. 

“Don’t Make Waves”

Another legacy I inherited was my father’s mindset–as a refugee who fled Nazi Germany–to ‘never make waves’. While I understood his good intentions, it turned out to be a highly detrimental mindset for me for many years, one strongly reinforced by this society’s expectations for a girl’s behavior.

When I first learned about her, I found Lilith’s fearlessness to be a refreshing change of pace, a delectable breath of fresh air. Somewhere deep within me echoed the truth of her rebellion, her refusal to submit, her sexual desires, her liberation – of self, by self, for self. 

At that point in my life, I could no longer deny my urge to connect to something more meaningful than a workaholic existence, and embraced the Lilith in me.

How Lilith Can Help Us

The story of Lilith opened my eyes. All my life, I had been looking to the outside world for the answers.  Society was establishing the standards and determining my priorities, a society largely governed by men. The system wasn’t set up for me to speak up or speak out.  It felt selfish to pursue my purpose and my desires.

But when we stop, acknowledge, and listen to our intuition – everything is possible.

With your Lilith Institute membership, you’ll find new ways to use your voice, trust your own knowing and so stand in your power.  

Our community offers you teachings, resources and support to: 

  • Trust and make your own choices with more confidence 
  • Manifest your personal goals and visions  
  • Become more comfortable with setting boundaries that can protect you and your precious energies
  • Claim your sexuality and desires without shame
  • Explore or further develop tools to enhance your spiritual practice (optional)


This membership and our programs are for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling dismissed, silenced or unappreciated by others
  • You usually stifle your desires in order to keep the peace
  • You’re healing from trauma
  • Other people are depleting your energy
  • You don’t want to put your own needs last any longer

“This course taught me to… never let myself be defined by the world we are living in, but instead define myself.” – Former student


It’s Okay to Invest in Yourself! 

When our appliances are broken, we repair them. When our bodies are injured, we seek treatment to restore our physical health.  

Our hearts, minds and souls are no different. They need nurturing too; when ignored for too long, we can get sick or feel tired, alone, ignored, and depleted.

It’s time to finally make the investment in your own happiness, to give yourself the gift of time and space to explore the things you are passionate about. In our compassionate community you’ll be heard, encouraged, and offered practical resources to support your journey. With your membership, you’ll even get a private session with D’vorah to explore changes or decisions you’d like to make in your career, education, or personal path.

Make Time to Manifest your Values

Life is so busy that many of us feel that we have no time to spare. It’s true that the demands just keep coming and coming – whether it’s our jobs, homes, family, friends, pets or community involvement.  

If you find yourself bingeing on TV to escape the pressures of daily life, maybe there’s a better way. What if a couple of times a month you used that time instead to give yourself the gift of stepping into a sacred space which would feed you, a place where you could renew yourself, remember what you really care about and re-evaluate whether your life is in alignment with your values and your dreams?  

If you invest in yourself and your well-being in this way, what kind of transformation can you bring to your life? I have seen many women — of all ages — suddenly step back from the daily grind and realize all their time and attention has gone to taking care of others, or just working, and that they have neglected themselves and their own growth.  It’s never too late to start. Join the Lilith Institute for a women’s community that can change your perspective and your life.

“So helpful and so liberating…I realize I’ve lived out the Lilith story my whole life.”
– Karen M.

Right now, we offer two options for Annual Membership: 

Get a Private 1-Hour Spiritual Guidance or Mentorship session with D’vorah on your journey ($175 value)

Be part of meaningful conversations in ritual space in our Women’s Wisdom or New Moon Circles (3 sessions, 90-minutes each)

Learn from our network of Wise Women in the 6-part Virtual Guest Speaker Series Zoom Calls with Q&As – (90-minutes each, to be recorded & archived)

Access to our private online Members Community – A sacred space where you can post reflections and questions about course material, share your writing or art, and exchange thoughts, ideas and resources with other members

Promote your own offerings, goods and services 1x per month in our Marketplace. We love to support women’s work!

Enjoy an exclusive look at some of D’vorah’s writings that won’t be available anywhere else.

Get convenient access to written and audio-visual materials on women’s / human rights issues that you care about, held for you in one easy-to-find place!

Receive a subscription to The Lilith Institute newsletter.

Get discounts on Lilith Institute programs and classes, and discounts on offerings from our partners.

Add An Additional 4 Hours of Private Guidance or Mentorship Sessions with D’vorah to deepen your spiritual journey or to address professional or academic questions that are up for you (a $700 value). A half-day intensive is also available as an alternative if you prefer a more embodied or meditative experience (with 2 weeks of email follow-up support.)


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Join in from anywhere in the world! All sessions are virtual so you can connect from any location. Our Speaker Series and most classes will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience.

The Answers Are Not “Out There” – They Live Inside You

“There’s just something about time with women and reflecting on our growth that’s so valuable and helpful for me. I always leave really inspired, more motivated. Lilith’s story is OUR story.”
– Debi Cummings, Nature Educator

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